New Year

2012 was a very contemplative year for me.  After a very difficult 2011, I used 2012 as an opportunity to rethink my business from the inside out.  There are many types of photography, and not everyone is suited for every type of photography.  I spent some time soul searching and decided to narrow the focus of my business and I found the joy in my work again.  I will be focusing on two types of photography going forward….

I am going back to my roots and one of my true happy places….Weddings!  I started with weddings many years ago.  I absolutely love everything about weddings, engagements and bridals!  All the lovey-dovey sweetness of an engaged couple just makes me giddy. I am such a romantic and the thought of being there the day that they begin the first day of the rest of their lives together is just precious to me.

I will also continue doing Lifestyle Portrait Sessions.  For those of you who wonder, Lifestyle Portraits are stylized portraits that show your way of life and the things that are important to you… It is not your family on a backdrop. It is you and your kids playing fetch with your lab in the backyard or baking cookies in your kitchen. It’s you on the front lawn of your new home. It’s fishing with your dad. It’s a cool themed shoot that really expresses your child’s interests; the guitar player, the dancer, the fashionista, a tea party, playing dress-up or just being kids.  It is relaxed and fun, not stuffy and stressful.  It’s life….

Check back soon to see lots of changes to the website and blog.

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